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Kronircle is offering free Advertising on our webite in the designated areas to any legal entity established as a commercial company, website or not for profit organisation.

To be eligible for Free Advertising:
1. Add at least 4 public events to your Companies Chroniclers profile every month.
2. Include a link on your Company's web site to your Kronircle Home page, e.g. http://www.kronircle.com/myCompany

Copy the following HTML code and place in one of your public web pages. Change myCompany to your Company's Chronicler profile name

<a href="http://www.kronircle.com/myCompany">See us on Kronircle</a>

Recorded events must be accurate information related to your Company, here are some examples:

  • Date and Location when Company or entity was created/launched
  • Company achievements and awards
  • Product announcements
  • Press Releases
  • Mergers
  • General Information
  • Current Specials!

To request Free Advertising, after Sign Up and after adding at least 4 events, become a friend of Kronircle and join the Feedback circle. Then add one of your Chapters to the Circle.

Kronircle reserves the right to:

- Not accept a Company or entity for free Advertising without giving any reason.
- Disable a Chroniclers profile that does not adhere to our Terms and Conditions.
- No longer offer free Advertising.
- Change the eligibility criteria at any time.