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What is Kronircle? 1 June 2010

Kronircle is a technology revolution combining geosocialnetworking, real life events and macro social networking via its implementation of Circles.
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Kronircle was originally devised in 2008 and in June 2010 the concept became reality with the help of very talented Web Developers.

The original idea evolved when we were remembering all the interesting stories told by our parents, their friends and their history. The events in their lives meant something and perhaps shaped the way they are today and in many cases the current world we live in. Any event by itself is memorable but even more so when it impacts our lives and the others around us, these are events we care about.

With that in mind, Kronircle was designed from the ground up and in the process we took out a Patent for the method of connecting events based on a date and geographical location.

During the design phase it became obvious that events needed to be correlated into Chapters (of one’s life) and those Chapters could be joined to a Circle thus creating a chronological order of events that can be shared by only those within the Circle.

Many more features were added as the site was developed plus a high level of security to ensure private information remains hidden.

One of the intended uses of Kronircle is for the writing of Biographies, yours, another person or any object of significance. We added the BookView feature to allow the Biographer to see how their Book would read in its entirety.

Some use Kronircle exclusively as their primary social media network, recording every event in their lives as they happen. Kronircle can also match historical events such as family members from previous generations, a great way to remember past events of those that shaped our world. It would be a shame for someone’s life and their events not to be remembered by other generations.

That is what Kronircle is about, a chronological depiction, an order of events in one’s life for current and future generations to see. The feature of connecting events together based on location provides a social link to past and present for the people that experienced the same event.