About Us

The inspiration behind Kronircle

Kronircle is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Some years ago, we had an idea to capture our life’s events and that of our families to share amongst other family members and friends, and for posterity. Disenchanted with other social media platforms of the day, we set about to create Kronircle; a way to record events in one’s life and link them to life’s chapters, and share them within circles of family and friends, or to the public. We teamed up with other like-minded people to deliver Kronircle as a serious alternative to today’s ad-driven social media culture where users can manage their own data to present life’s stories to their own audiences – for past, present and future generations.

Today Kronircle offers everyone the ability to manage their day-to-day events, to organise and curate their live’s, whilst building a rich tapestry that can be handed down to generation after generation.

How does it work?

Kronircle revolutionises how you create, store and share your information.

It helps you capture the moments in our lives that we want to remember and share with others. This may be an event that happened in the past, is happening right now or is going to happen in the future.

Social media your way.

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