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Focus on Photography Weekend 21 August 2011 12:00
The Group

Great time had by all!
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Dispite the rather inclement weather we all had a great time. I met some wonderfully talented photographers, we shared ideas, techiques, images and most of all our joy for photography. Thank you Peter and Wendy for putting on such a successful event. I'm sure there will be more. Collapse

Focus on Photography Weekend 19 August 2011
Keeping watch

Improve photographic skills
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This information is provided by Peter Counsell

Do you want to improve your photography?

Do you need to better understand your camera?

Do you want practical experience taking photos?

I donʼt know about you, but I certainly want all of the above.

Whilst leading a trekking group in Nepal recently, it struck me

how keen fellow travellers were to learn more about their

cameras and how to better develop their photographic skills.

(Pardon the pun!)

Over 3 weeks, we compared our photos andhelped each other out. By the end of the trip, having our cameras set to “Auto” was frowned upon. Our only tutor was a heavy camera manual I had to lug around in my backpack.

Focus on Photography Weekendwill replicate what we did in Nepal.

Butthis time, we will have two photography experts to help us out.Cody Buchertand June Andersen

Most importantly, weʼll put any theory into practice. DurrasLake, the beach, Murramarang National Park and the wildlife will all provide us with plenty of photographic opportunities.

The group will be limited to a maximum of15participants so get in early!

At this stage, participation will be limited to guests of Durras Lake North Holiday Park for the two nights.

Accommodation is available in cottages, cabins or in our camping ground.

The cost is just $87per participant.

For bookings and further information, please call Peter on

1800 387727 or send an email to info@durrasnorthpark.com.au

It is not possible to book accommodation on our website for

this weekend. You will need to phone us for bookings.